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Lab Safety
HazCom - In Sync with GHS

This course is required for anyone working in any area on campus where chemicals are used or stored. Are you comfortable that you and your co-workers know enough about the chemicals used in your work area? Take this course and learn the essentials. 
Hazmat Awareness
The Department of Transportation dictates that anyone who ships, transports, handles and/or stores hazardous materials must comply with 49 CFR 171-180. All workers must be trained in various levels of the HazMat transportation process in order to comply with these DOT regulations. Training course will help you ensure that employees understand the DOT regulations and help you complete and document mandatory training requirements.

• Hazardous materials regulations
• Definitions, terms and requirements
• Specific requirements and exceptions
• Emergency response information
• Placarding and labeling
• Shipping papers
• Real-Life Situation



































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