Training plan for 2021 will be available soon 

Executive level


  • Security in housing compounds
  • Security of banks and money transport
  • Raising awareness of preventive security for workers in strategic enterprises
  • Methods of securing and guarding vital installations
  • Basics and skills of terrorism and drug fighting
  • Rules of documents, information and files insurance in strategic enterprises
  • Foot and Mounted  Security  patrols within industrial zones
  • Inspection and Insurance customs outlets (air - Marine - land)
  • Security of hospitals and health institutions (advanced)
  • Basic skills of the security men at vital installations
  • Technological applications in effective security communications
  • Developing field skills of  security men and supervisors 
  • Monitoring , following-up and evaluation skills for security men
  • Defensive driving and controlling traffic in vital installations 
  • Modern methods in self and others motivating to improve security performance  
  • First aid program for security men
  • Physical fitness for security men
  • English for security men Level 1 
  • English for security men Level 2

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